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GIANNI DI CARLO and winter spirits ♥

me and all x feierabend

Winter IS A FEW DAYS OLD ♥ AND THUS OLD ENOUGH TO be celebrated. After all, it is Thursday!

Celebrate with the beats of GIANNI DI CARLO and our delicious wines, cocktails, beers and drinks relaxed into the summer. That's what Thursdays are for.

+++ 18:00 hrs +++ at the Lounge +++ 

Charts, House & Blackmusic ♥


See you tonight. 


Gianni Di Carlo

Gianni di Carlo is a master of his trade and an absolute specialist for ingenious and crazy DJ sessions full of fun and rhythm. He combines rock with pop and hip-hop, masters the best sounds of the last 40 years and compliments everyone on the dance floor. EVERYONE. That's how it has to be. Bedroom DJ since 2001, on countless (big) events and in clubs all over Germany since 2003, more than 10 years resident in Mainzer 50Grad. A Mainz.eins-, No Q- and Asta-DJ, who will certainly bring you into a party mood,too.

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