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Delicious vegan dishes from all over the world!

„You can. We can. Vegan.“ The motto is a convincing program in our new pop-up restaurant. Come with us on a divine culinary journey through India, Spain, Mexico and the whole world.


FRom July 4th until end of September you will be spoiled with delicious, naturally tasty dishes from all over the world. For chef Lars, natürlik means: natural, original food made from organic ingredients that are processed as little as possible and only as much as necessary. And tasty? That healthy vegan dishes can also taste and work damn good. Not only as a food, but also as a remedy.

Vegan around the world

The "You can. We can. Vegan.” menu is deliberately summery fresh: Indian Mango-Banana Curry, Hungarian Shashlik, Greek gyros or Mexican Ceasar salad. Our little trip around the world quickly shows how diverse, tasty and different vegan cuisine can be. Of course we also have delicious vegan wines and drinks on offer for you.






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About Lars

Lars Wessel worked from 2015 to 2018 in the first vegan café/restaurant in Mainz, the Möhren Milieu. As a waiter, cook and Lars for everything. During this time the desire and drive to bring people to the delicious taste of plant-based and vegan dishes has grown.

Far away from previous eating habits, a completely new world has opened up for him, which he has shared with many other "natürlik lekker" since 2019. At first only with cooking classes and catering. Since 2020 also with a fixed location - the "natürlik lekkeria". In our pop-up restaurant he is now taking the next step: For even more attention and awareness towards a more peaceful, healthier and delicious way of life.

We are sure. You like it great!

You can. We Can. Vegan.


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