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+++ From 24.12. until 03.01.2022 our Ramen Kitchen is closed +++

What cooks for a long time becomes really good. And drives you crazy for ramen!

Autumn and winter offer the best conditions for ramen, the Japanese soul food. And where can you get these hot and aromatic delicacies in bowls in stormy and cold times? With us! And many more RAMEN KITCHEN delicacies that you absolutely have to try.

You will love, love, love the "Ramen kitchen" from ESSEN FÜR UNS!

Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 to 22:00 in our lounge. 



The aroma is irresistible and the variety of RAMEN ingredients and toppings unlimited. With a lot of time, love and passion, ESSEN FÜR UNS have created some very special RAMEN for you, which come very close to the Japanese original and contain just the right dose of ESSEN FÜR UNS identity. The bouillons are cooked for hours and the toppings are handmade. The noodles come fresh from a Japanese noodle manufacturer in Düsseldorf and the vegetables from farmers in our beautiful region. The meat also comes from selected farms without factory farming.

All chopsticks. Or what?

Pretty much every original Japanese dish is eaten with chopsticks in Japan. Even the RAMEN! And it is common practice to lift the RAMEN noodles to the mouth with the chopsticks (just don't stab anything) and sluuurp them up! Because the hotter the ramen, the more flavour. For all ramen newbies, we also have fabulous spoons.

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Tel.: +49 6131 89446 0 
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