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"The Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind"

The BANKSY ROOM ♥ Our Homage to BANKSY and THE ROOM celebrating the great BANKSY show in Mainz ♥


Your room to celebrate "The Mistery of Banksy - A Genius Mind" Show in Mainz.

Everyone knows him. Or not. BANKSY, the great great artist and wonderful street art superstar from - probably - Bristol, who remains anonymous to this day. And just like the show, our BANKSY ROOM is not authorised by the artist. True to Banksy's motto "Copyright is for losers ©TM!

"There are four basic human needs: food, sleep, sex and revenge."

What a quote, from one of the most fabulous provocateurs of our time.

Who is Banksy and where will another of his works appear? No one knows. And many of his thoroughly political and poetic works were only on view for a short time before they disappeared forever through overpainting. 

At the "Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind" show at "lulu" (formerly Karstadt), you can admire a unique presentation of more than 100 Banksy works and let them work their magic on you. 

BTW, you can find all information about the unauthorised BANKSY SHOW HERE.


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If you want to stay overnight in our One-And-Only-Banksy-Room, as an appetizer or after-show-treat to the exhibition, then call us ♥ or write us an email! 

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“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” +++ Banksy +++