Support your local heroes

Your town. Your neighborhood. Your local heroes. Your story's just beginning.

We love our city and we love its local heroes. With us you will meet the heroes of the city, who put all their heart and soul into what they do. Selected treasures and a lot of passion for great moments. We value craftsmanship

and a warm-hearted urban network. And we always stay true to ourselves. Because we believe, that authenticity, freedom and fun are the best foundation for your memorable stories in Hannover. Come as you are.

1. FSV Mainz 05

The 1. FSV Mainz 05 has been the football club in the state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate since 1905. In its more than 100-year-long history, the association has mastered ups and downs and despite many imponderables, the FSV has always been able to rely on the support of the people and the city.

icecream solves everything ♥

An ice cream is always delicious. ALWAYS. Especially from our sweet local heroes "N'EIS"

Fresh made in Mainz every day, full of love and finest ingredients.

When sweet dreams come true, they are probably icecream from N'EIS ♥

What began a few years ago as a dream has now become a reality and more than 150 flavours later, can be found in the Varta guide among the best 20 ice cream shops in Germany ♥ Julia and Anke have it all! And - literally - they have a fabulous taste.

In any case, we don't want to live on without N'Eis.

N'EIS ice cream isn't just any ice cream. It is a pure declaration of love. And you can take that literally, too, because the daily freshly made ice cream from N'Eis is produced as regionally as possible and as naturally as possible. Artificial additives are a No-No. Many varieties are vegan and so tasty that you forget everything around you. The world is ice then. Thus it is more or less meditative. 

Last Night a deejay saved my life.

Listen up to your local deejay.

Gianni di Carlo

Gianni di Carlo is a master of his trade and an absolute specialist for ingenious and crazy DJ sessions full of fun and rhythm. He combines rock with pop and hip-hop, masters the best sounds of the last 40 years and compliments everyone on the dance floor. That's how it has to be.

Bedroom DJ since 2001, on countless (big) events and in clubs all over Germany since 2003, more than 10 years resident in Mainzer 50Grad. A Mainz.eins-, No Q- and Asta-DJ, who will certainly bring you into a party wave.

• Charts, House, Blackmusic •

True Love? Coffee from the Müller Coffee Roastery Mainz ♥

FRESHLY ROASTED IN RHINE-HESSIAN. Because we believe that delicious coffee is the foundation of happiness.

The coffees of the privately run Müller Kaffeerösterei come from the best growing areas in the world and are not only of selected, finest quality. They are fair, too. The Mainz family business has focused on direct trade, guaranteeing fair prices right to the source. Social commitment and sustainability are also part of the fine taste.

"What could be better than to start the day at the hotel with an aromatic cup of coffee and finish it with a spicy espresso after dinner." - Dominic Müller 


Very awake in Mainz. So tasty.

Using the traditional long-term drum roasting method, the manufactory refines pure-variety coffee specialities into the finest gourmet coffees. Unwanted acids and irritants are largely broken down and the most seductive aromas are released with the greatest care (and also a bit of magic).

Roaster Dominic turns the little precious beans into what they really are: The food with the most flavours. (This is indeed so).


In vain knocks who is without wine, at the Muses gate.

Said by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC. How right he was. The association "DIE MAINZER WINZER e.V." has made this their wine wisdom.

The association "Die Mainzer Winzer e.V.", an association of 26 wine enterprises from the city of Mainz, has joined forces to bring the many facets of wine as a cultural asset closer to people in an exciting way. They do this, of course, at their magnificent wineries themselves, at numerous events and for you at the me and all mainz. 

Mainz and wine belong together, like our me and all hotel mainz and Mainz.

Look forward to the fantastic wines of our Mainz winegrowers and fabulous local heroes. At the me and all hotel mainz you can taste their fine wines and let the delicious Mainz grapes tease your tongue. Mainz is not without reason the secret German wine capital. The first wine was planted here over 2000 years ago. So the winegrowers from Mainz know what they are doing. And they do it incredibly well.

Shop talk. Be creative. Be happy. Be Mainz. 


Oliver Dehmel - Trainings and personal trainings that broaden and strengthen your horizons.

Your body is a wonderland.

As fit as you want? Don't worry about it. We have a hot line to Oliver Dehmel! Our well-trained, great Local Hero for your good feeling and, if you like, tailor-made trainings. And when we say "tailor-made", we mean it. Or, actually, Oliver does. As a graduate sports scientist with a Fitness A-licence and the 1st Dan in Judo and many years of experience, Oliver offers a wide and very fine spectrum for the most perfect fitting personal trainings. 

For everyone. And all fitness levels.

Make me sweat!

For a really good training it doesn't really need much and absolutely not bells and whistles. For effective strength gymnastics you need one thing first and foremost: your body. At me and all hotel mainz you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about various attractive trainings and to try them out.

And it doesn't matter if you are a professional or a beginner. You always come out fitter than in ♥

Come along for an EULCHEN.

THE Mainz beer - since 2013.

Hardly anyone knows that Mainz was once also a big beer city - there were about 50 breweries in the course of history, none of which survived. Fascinated by Mainz's lost beer culture, the students Leonidas Lazaridis and Philip Vogel began their "Rebellion against boring beer" in 2013: With their final dissertation at the Hochschule Mainz and 2000 bottles of home-brewed and hand-filled EULCHEN beer!

"Our whole history, our names, our beers - everything is based on the history of beer in Mainz."

You won't find more Mainz in any beer!

The 100% honest, high quality and handmade Mainz beer is produced in the Eulchen Privatbrauerei - in direct neighbourhood to the me and all on the Kupferbergterrasse in the heart of Mainz.

For the traditional brewing process, only fine malt and aroma hops are used, which are mainly sourced regionally. The long storage of the beers for at least eight weeks at approx. 0°C, and also old techniques like the hop stopper, form additional and important refinement stages, you can taste with every sip.

You absolutely must try all four. So Mainz. So tasty.

Tante Gin from edelranz - You've got to absolutely try this!

The Tante Gin gin is a classic dry gin in which the juniper berry as protagonist still has enough freedom, but his other - very unusual and rare - 9 supporting actors form the basis for his special bouquet without stealing the show. These carefully selected botanicals, which cover every continent and unite the world in a single bottle, create a perfect harmony and balance of aromas, making this gin, although classic, a very unique and remarkable composition, capable of unfolding at all senses.

What does edelranz stand for?
"The most important ingredients for our ging are therefore heart and soul, passion and creativity as well as the necessary feeling for harmony and the balancing of flavours. Of course, we must not forget the necessary experience, which must be acquired with a lot of time and diligence".

A WITCH, A DRAGON & ME. Serious Spirits.


It all started in 2015 with the idea of having their own vodka. It was supposed to be gentle. With a lot of character and pleasant to drink. They named it after their caretaker HARALD SCHATZ, which means "Harald Sweetheart". For the 5, the embodiment of reliability (quality),

friendliness (mildness) and down-to-earth (no hocus-pocus). Then the vodka HARALD SCHATZ was tested in the their club. It was inspirational. Ideas for other spirits flowed in large numbers. So A WITCH, A DRAGON & ME came from Vodka also to Gin.

Of course, they did not reinvent the good old juniper spirit, but played with it. Guided by their family wine affinity they poured gin with their traditional and family-celebrations-proven favourite wine: Yellow Muscatel. A new star was born. It gives the gin its very special and floral, soft note. And that's how he got his name: MUSCATEL DISTILLED GIN.

Today it is available in different, very tasteful variants to beautify the bar shelves of the world and to please friends of good taste. You ♥


AiLaike. The best iced tea since 1904.

All you need is love and iced tea made by Nils ♥

At me and all hotels only the very best comes into the glases, cups and jugs. That is why we are very happy to serve you the best iced tea since 1904 from Nils Beierlein, Mainzer through and through. More authentic than AiLaike Handmade Iced Tea iced tea can't be, because Nils doesn't use just any recipe, but THE recipe.

In 1904 the first iced tea recipe became popular at the World Exhibition. At that time, there was no genetically modified food, no artificial additives and no unfair working conditions for producers. And this is exactly what the philosophy of AiLaike Handmade Iced Tea is all about.

AiLaike strictly adheres to the original recipe. No additives. All ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation, and the mild sweetness comes from the agave.

AiLaike has participated in the FairTrade program since its foundation in 2010. This way the producers of the high-quality ingredients are directly supported with every sip. Cheers!

Fabulous. Honest. Refreshing. Absolutely me and all.

Sechzisch Vierzisch

When all good things come together.


Sechzisch Vierzisch - Rosé Wine + Orange Limonade owes its origin to an ancient Rhine-Hessian recipe. Already more than 200 years ago this mix of wine and sparkling lemonade with the name "Persching" was ordered at village festivals. "Persching" is Rhine-Hessian and means peach, which refers to the colour of the drink. And ever since, this wine spritzer has consisted of sixty percent of the finest rosé wine from Rhine-Hessian and forty percent homemade orange lemonade. Exactly Sechzisch Vierzisch - which means sixty fourty. 

In addition to the Rosé Wine + Orange Limonade version, there are two other very tasty varieties: a classic spritzer and a white wine spritzer with a hint of basil. AWESOME! Each drop is regional, made from high-quality raw materials and in addition VEGAN. We've got them all.

Be bold. Be curious. Be dazzling.

KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN - Your beer beyond conventions and borders. Where no one has gone before.

Pure passion. And magnificently bold. Craft-Beer from heroes for heroes.

KUEHN KUNZ ROSEN, founded in 2014 by managing director Wendelin Quadt and brewmaster Hans Wägner, stands for bold beers beyond conventions and boundaries. And those who still believe that orange aromas, dark chocolate, oat flakes or grains of paradise have nothing to do with fantastic beers, will be taught otherwise at our me and all hotel mainz.

"Bold beers are needed in the universe - beyond the ordinary, for your bold moment."