me and all hotel mainz | Binger Straße 23 | 55131 Mainz

  • 200 meters from the main station from Exit WEST
  • 800 metres to the old town of Mainz
  • 500 meters to the Mainz underworlds
  • 2 km on foot to Zollhafen and Kunsthalle
  • 2 km on foot to the event location Zitadelle Mainz
  • 1.7 km on foot to Mainzstrand and the Rhine
  • 300 meters to the Taubertsbergbad (public swimming pool) and Martin-Luther-King-Park
  • 4 km to the MEWA Arena
  • 4 km to the Franziska-Retzinger-Promenade, where river Rhine and river Main get together


Fall in love with the dialect ♥ within 200 metres only

Even if it is only 200 meters from Mainz main station to me and all hotel mainz from the west exit, you should definitely ask for the way. In Mainz it's "nunner, nuff and nibber" - which means down, up and on the other side - in their lovely dialect. On the way to us you only have to turn right once. Ask for directions anyway!

The hearty "Meenzer Gebabbel" will make you happy. Right away. No matter the language!

And in an blink of an eye you'll find our me and all hotel mainz. In the middle of Mainz ♥ The charming state capital lies at your feet and surrounds you. You guys can just walk right on in if you want.


Power to your feet. About Mainz.

From me and all hotel mainz you can walk directly into the life of Mainz. The old town is only something between 800 and 1000 meters away. Depending on where you're going. And bang, then you are on your way to the Mainz Cathedral and its fantastic cathedral squares. The whole year , 3 times a week THE weekly market in Mainz takes place here. And it's just great. As simple as that.

The same goes for the famous "Marktfrühstück" where wine and people come together and which takes place every Saturday from March to November on Liebfrauenplatz. That's Mainz. The Mainz way of life. Mainz private. And before and after and in between there is a lot going on here in summer. And in winter too. One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in space takes place here ♥

Other places you should and could conquer by foot.

Rocking and splashing.

Only 2 km away at the edge of the old town, you will find the Citadel Mainz on the Jakobsberg. It's been there since 1660 and still looks really good. That is why it is one of the most important monuments and event locations in the city. You can walk comfortably to and from the citadel.

You can also fresh up in the Taubertsbergbad, about 500 meters away. Outdoor and sports pools, sometimes even with music.

Mainz Deluxe