WHO CARES! Of the freedom of being a woman

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"Free women take what they want." Or do they? Find out at our German reading with Mirna Funk. And then join in the discussion!

Normally she travels between Berlin and Tel Aviv, but now she's adding a stop here in Hanover, on the 1st of April. It's not an April fool's joke: She's here for you in the me and all hotel. Mirna Funk reads from her book "Who Cares! Von der Freiheit Frau zu sein." For some she really strikes a chord – for others a nerve. So after the reading everybody gets the opportunity to vent their opinion about hers – anchored by the journalist Marleen Gaida (chief reporter at People & Lifestyle @ FUNKE).

Feminism against the grain

Mirna Funk is fed up with debating gender inequality, care work and reconciling career with family. Self-determined, independent women don't wait for someone else to change society for them. They don't accept the role of victim. They stand up and get things done themselves! That's the attitude Mirna Funk wants to pass on to all women, helping them find the courage to really make the most of the freedom that's out there for them.

And she leads by example. As a Jew of East-German heritage, the image of women that she grew up with was radically different to that of today's mainstream feminism. She is a champion of unabashed and unerring self-realisation.

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